Instructions for whistleblowers in Radio Kanal 77

Article 1

This guideline prescribes the manner and procedure for receiving reports from whistleblowers, separating and processing the data from the reports and taking measures to ensure the protection of the personal and other data of the whistleblowers and reports from the whistleblowers.

Article 2

An indicator may be any person who: – has established employment for an indefinite or definite period of time in the media; – is a candidate for employment, candidate for volunteer or intern in the media; – is either a volunteer or an intern in the media; – on any grounds is or has been engaged in performing work in the media; – on any grounds is or was in a business relationship or other relationship of cooperation with the media; – used or used media services.

Article 3

The manager of the Radio Network Kanal 77 appoints an authorized person for receipt of applications submitted for the purpose of protected internal reporting (hereinafter referred to as the authorized person), to which he provides independence and disability in the work. The authorized person performs reception and registration of the application, assessment of the content of the application, notification, forwarding of the application to the official in the media, ie competent institution, preparation of notification to the applicant, archiving. An official in the institution is a person responsible for acting in the area to which the application relates and preparing a report on the measures taken. The authorization referred to in paragraph 2 shall in particular contain data on the name and surname, place of work and telephone number of the authorized person, postal address and e-mail address for receipt of applications. The data from paragraph 4 are published on the Media’s website. The authorized person referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall provide space and equipment


Article 5

The whistleblower, with good intentions, makes a protected internal application by submitting an application: – in writing (personally or by registered mail), – electronically via e-mail, or – orally on a record before the authorized person. The whistleblower shall submit the application in writing or on record to the authorized person only during working hours. The indicator is not obliged to prove the good intention and truthfulness of the submitted application.

Article 6

If the application is given orally, the authorized person shall compile a report containing the following data: a) data on the indicator (if known): – name and surname; – category of person in which the whistleblower fails in accordance with the Law on Whistleblower Protection (CPI); – request from the

whistleblower to remain confidential and the degree to which it requires it; b) data on the person against whom the whistleblower reports; c) description of illegal actions; d) the manner and form of communication with the authorized person proposed by the whistleblower; e) attachments; f) date and place of receipt of the application. Due to the coincidence of the content of the oral report, the minutes are signed by the whistleblower and the authorized person and it is registered as a receipt of the application, and at the request of the whistleblower, a copy of the minutes may be given.

Article 7

If the application is submitted in electronic form, the authorized person shall print the record and register it as an application. If there are many attachments to the application, the authorized person may decide to keep them only in electronic form if the printing of the attachments is uneconomical.

Article 8

The authorization of the applied person shall be registered by the authorized person by placing an received stamp and recording in the special register. The documents related to the protected internal reporting are kept locked in a specially prepared closet, which is located in the media room.

Article 9

The authorized person, on the same day after receipt, submit the application with all the attachments, reviews, studies and evaluates its content. If the authorized person determines that the received application does not represent, ie does not refer to the application from the whistleblower, he immediately notes it in the case and records it in the special register. The authorized person keeps a copy of the formed case, and submits the originals (application and attached documents) within 1 (one) day by letter to the registry office, for which he / she notifies the applicant in writing without delay. After the delivery of the letter and the possible notification referred to in paragraph 3, the authorized person shall archive the case.

Article 10

Upon receipt and registration of the application, the authorized person assesses that the submitted application is logical and reasonable and contains sufficient elements to be forwarded for further action, and within 1 (one) day adopts conclusions for further action on the application relating to the competence or incompetence of the media to act upon the report and take appropriate measures to act upon the report. In performing the assessment referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, the authorized person may request additional information from the whistleblower if known, as well as to consult with other persons, while paying attention to the protection of the identity of the whistleblower.

Article 11

When the authorized person assesses that the submitted application is logical and reasonable, it is a report from the whistleblower and contains sufficient elements for further action, within 1 (one) day it adopts a conclusion for further action upon the application regarding the competence of the media for acting upon the report and for the protection of the whistleblower or a person close to him. The authorized person, after the adoption of the conclusions referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article,

without delay with correspondence shall forward the application to the official in the media responsible for acting in the area referred to in the application, after previously separating personal data and data that could reveal the identity of the whistleblower if he asked to remain confidential. The authorized person shall inform the menager without delay of the allegations from the content and the conclusions for the further action after the report. The authorized person, without announcing, at the request of the whistleblower, informs him about the course and the actions taken in the procedure and enables him to inspect the case files, except for the documents and information that may have harmful consequences for the proceedings, for which he singles them out. notifies the pointer. Upon receipt of the application, the official shall act upon it and take measures upon the allegations stated in the application, and shall submit a report to the authorized person within 7 (days) on the undertaken measures and activities related to the application. Within 3 (three) days, the authorized person shall notify the submitter of the application (the whistleblower) in writing if the authorized person from another institution that forwarded the application is known, for the undertaken measures and actions.

Article 12

 The authorized person informs the whistleblower about the undertaken measures regarding the application without delay, and no later than 15 days from the day of receipt of the application.

Article 13

If after the submitted application it is competent for another institution to act in accordance with the law, the authorized person within 8 (eight) days after the receipt and registration of the application shall forward it to the competent institution. In case of reporting a crime that harms or endangers the life of the whistleblower and a person close to him, human health, safety, environment, large-scale damage, ie if there is an immediate danger of destruction of evidence, and the whistleblower does not agree in the capacity of a witness to testify, the authorized person, with the written consent of the whistleblower, shall submit a written request to the competent institutions without delay. For the forwarding of the application referred to in paragraph 1 and the submission of the written request referred to in paragraph 2, the authorized person shall at the same time notify the whistleblower if it is known.


Article 14

In order to ensure confidentiality and protection of personal data, the menager shall provide and apply appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect data from unlawful or accidental destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access, especially when the processing involves the transmission of data over the network. protection of personal data and protection of classified information.

Article 15

 Upon receipt of the application, the authorized person acts in accordance with this procedure and the Law on Whistleblower Protection, and in particular protects the personal data of the whistleblower, ie data that may reveal the identity of the whistleblower, if required to be anonymous or confidentially reported in accordance with regulations. for personal data protection. The authorized person signs a

Statement for non-disclosure of personal data, in accordance with the regulations for personal data protection. The authorized person shall inform the applicant that his / her identity may be disclosed to the competent authority, if without the disclosure of the identity it would not be possible to act before the body, as well as to inform him / her about the measures for protection of the participant in the criminal procedure.


Article 16

 The whistleblower and a person close to him are provided with protection from any kind of violation of a right or harmful action or danger of occurrence of harmful actions due to the performed protected internal reporting in accordance with the law and is guaranteed anonymity and confidentiality to the extent and until he demands it. The protection referred to in paragraph (1) of this Article shall be ensured by the media by taking actions to prevent violation of employment rights or any right and refraining from actions that violate or endanger any right of the whistleblower due to the reported report. . If the protection referred to in paragraph (2) of this Article is not provided, the whistleblower shall report to the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, the Ombudsman of the Republic of Macedonia, the Inspection Council, the Ministry of Interior and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Macedonia. without delay act in accordance with their competencies.

Radio Network Kanal  77
Manager: Goran Gavrilov

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